Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Author: John Green
Genre: Young Adult | Science Fiction
Release Date: January 2011

Zombicorns is a book of contradictions. Let me give you an example, the main character is trying to keep her humanity in the face of all the Z'ed, and being possibly one of the sole survivors. John Green does his typical, smarter than average person character building. We're led to believe that the main character is principled, gutsy and is well very read (even going so far as to go the library to do research during the Zombie-o-calypse. That's pretty high up there on the intellectual scale.) Most people would be busy enough simply trying to survive. However close to the ending she does something completely "out of character", thus ending it on that sad and baffling note.

John Green was not kidding when he said that it's a bad Zombie book. But that's like saying Sonnet 18 is a bad poem. Even at his worst, John Green's Zombicorns was a worthwhile read, despite being on an entire tier lower on the awesomeness scale compared to the rest of his books.

Just don't go in expecting it to be like his other books and you won't be disappointed. You'll be surprised at the awkward ending.

Cover: 4.5
Characters: 5
Story: 5

Overall:  5/10