Saturday, June 4, 2011


Daimon (Covenant # 0.5)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Age genre: Fantasy | Young Adult Fiction
Release date: May 10th 2011
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Ughhh...yet another weepy, lame YA book where the heroine gets weepy and lusts after the good looking guys for no real reason. First major Fail.

Preview is somewhat un-fulfilling. I don't exactly feel the urge to continue reading the actual series after the sneak-preview ebook. The mythical background leaves much to be desired. Blah blah blah, long story short, a bunch of demigods (half god/half human) mate with one another, gets pureblood kids (2 demigod parents) or halfbloods (half demigod, half human = just mostly human). There's a bit of a contradiction in the story where the good purebloods apparently can't do shit and are just there for eye candy, strut around like they're all that, provide the background story and yet the evil purebloods (daimons) have epic god-mode/hackz and can pwn most anyone except the halfbloods (who again apparently are supposed to protect the purebloods against their evil daimon cousins).

General Fantasy logic dictates that diluting the blood of any supernatural, all-powerful critter with inferior species results in weaker, far less powerful offspring. Apparently the author superseded that logic and created her own where critters with less strength than the originals can apparently pwn and hunt down the far superior creatures who control the elements and do...demi-godly things. Wow. Strike two.

Some (well most) of the reviews here (GoodReads) apparently think the Hematoi are Gods. Check again peeps, they're purebloods aka the undiluted offspring of demigods, hence they're demigods. I mean COME ON. It's in the fricking plot summary. Major reading comprehension fail. It makes me wonder whether their Twilight eyes just glazed over most of the story and just thought "Omigod, hot spunky chick with some powers (relatively unknown at this point what they are) and some cute guys and evil 'scary' bastards to fight!!!" Jeez. The fanbase fail is strike three for me.

Cover:  4
Characters: 4
Story: 4

Overall:  4/10